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Discussing the evolution of design and prototyping tools through new projects, products and initiatives
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Victor Baroli
Design Director & Partner at @picmedia. Visual & Interaction Designer.
Contributor in Biomimicry & 7 more
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  • Twelve design principles for your team to help you make design decisions. I think they are useful for anyone who is working on digital products.
  • Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.
  • Really useful extension/addition to Photoshop or Sketch from the invision folks.
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  • The team at Behance just introduced "Adobe Portfolio", a brand new tool to build responsive portfolio websites synced with Behance.

    I worked on concepting and designing some product foundations from mid-2013 to late-2014 with and until took over.

    Super happy to see the results and eager to work on upgrading my portfolio site :)
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  • Stormwater management is an imperative point to consider in any urban design project. Since cities are mostly covered by concrete ("because it is easy and cheap") it increases erosion and water run off. Permeable paving, vegetated areas and soft surfaces are the way to go, plus it is so much nicer to look at than a concrete jungle.

    San Martín de la Mar Square, Cantabria, Spain from Zigzag Arquitectura.
  • Design better interfaces simultaneously with Figma.
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  • Sketch 3 Plugins : Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers and Developers.
    "There are hundreds of Sketch plugins out there, and more released each week. These plugins are my absolute favorites for boosting my productivity in Sketch."
    • 4 months
      That's a pretty impressive list. I haven't switched to Sketch yet but plugins like the Content Generator to quickly import user avatars and names could definitely seduce me. I'll consider anything that helps me design big lists of repeated units :)
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  • An announcement from the team of the tool Macaw, they are now joining InVision.
    • 10 days
      Interesting. Have you used Macaw? What do you think of the acquisition?
    • 6 days
      Indeed, they are so adept at generating "buzz" that it has turned me off from considering them part of our core toolchain.
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  • A few thoughts about initial traction and my own experience with Sketchfab.
    • 6 days
      I guess you'll agree on the name part :) would love to hear your thoughts on TC/PH versus more niche places. Your product is much more consumer than Sketchfab, though.
    • 6 days
      btw I just realized I could have posted this on the acquisition topicks, shall I double post? What are your thoughts around that?
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  • I love Sesame Street so I really love this idea. Also it's cool to see something like this in general - is this the first kid focused fund?

    Unrelated, but I would be super curious to know if there is something similar that exists with a focus on social good...
    • I was about to post about that too :) You're faster than me !

      I love that idea too. I'm really interested to see what kind of startups will be funded (hopefully, not too many games).
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